13th to 16th, 2023: Gamsleiten Criterion

Gamsleiten Criterion 2023

Austria’s largest treasure hunt

In April 2023, Obertauern is staging the probably funniest and largest treasure hunt in Austria for the fifteenth time – the Gamsleiten Criterion. This unique event is one of the biggest winter highlights every year at the resort. Where else can you live a gold-digger’s dream as you scrape through the snow in the midst of the Alps, to the sound of music, with a magnificent view – and win a luxurious BMW. A total of over 30 chests are hidden – all of them containing prizes, and all of them exciting reasons to participate in the quest. The car from BMW is the first prize, obviously. But there are over 30 other treats for ambitious diggers, including non-cash prizes and travel vouchers.

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